Dietitian and Nutrition Services

Helping to ensure that infants, children and teens have optimal diet and nutrition is a key factor for healthy growth and development.   Consultation with our highly experienced dietitian will offer you customized recommendations, and the tools needed, to help you and your child overcome any dietary concerns.

What Areas Can Dietitian Services Can Help With?

  • Food Allergies or Intolerances
  • Eczema 
  • Infant Colic 
  • Reflux
  • Growth Optimization
  • Picky Eating and Chronic Food Refusal
  • Healthy Body Weight Management
  • Diet optimization (Conventional or Vegetarian Diets)
  • Sports Nutrition for Athletic Children
  • Anemia (Low Iron ) or other Nutrient Concerns
  • Acute or Chronic Diarrhea or Constipation
  • Assistance with dietary recommendations for children with special needs, including Autism, developmental and genetic conditions

Dietitian Assessment and Consultation

During assessment we will conduct a thorough nutrition assessment of your child. This will include a review of any nutrition concerns that you have, and gaining an understanding of your child's food and nutrient intakes in relation to their age, their physical abilities and activities.    We will interpret a child's growth pattern, with measures taken (only as indicated and appropriate).  If necessary, blood tests or allergy tests may be requested by your physician, in order to get a better idea of possible concerns.  In all cases, dietary consultation is meant to be a very positive experience that will provide active strategies and solutions to any specific concerns.  For older children, their input and autonomy is always included and respected.

After collecting the information needed, our dietitian will provide specific nutrition recommendations to address all concerns identified.  We will customize our recommendations to achieve optimal growth, developmental, and behavioural outcomes, and to help implementation of these recommendations within your family environment.   Further insights and recommendation to support a healthy feeding environment are always offered, as appropriate.  Our main goal is to provide easy to implement strategies that will work!

Follow-up visits are always an option in order to monitor growth, resolution of concerns, and will include more ideas regarding your child’s nutrition management.   

In short, “We want to be sure that everything is on track and that your worries are now solutions that work!” 

If you have any questions about how our dietitian services may be a helpful resource for you and your child, please Contact Us for more information.