Kids Group Therapy Classes

Our group therapy classes are designed to get kids moving, to help kids reach their goals, and to have fun!

We offer a wide range of classes, aiming to help all children gain confidence and skills, within a variety of supportive group environments.  All of our classes are led by registered occupational and physical therapists, and are designed to meet specific therapy goals within a fun, well-matched group setting.  Assessment or consultation is needed prior to class enrollment, in order to ensure that a class will appropriately meet each child's needs.  Classes may be eligible for funding support through private medical insurance, or other funding sources (i.e. Autism Funding) and may qualify for the Children's Fitness Tax Credit.  Please contact our clinic directly for more information about class schedules and registration.


Fall Class Schedule:

(No classes Oct 12, Oct 13, Nov 11)

Occupational Therapy Classes (see descriptions below)

All Write! (4-6 years; 7-10 years)      Mondays 4:00-4:30 pm; 4:30-5:00 pm ($180, 6 weeks)

Eating Explorations (3-5 years)       Wednesdays 11:30 am -12:15 pm ($270, 6 weeks)

Physiotherapy Classes (see descriptions below)

Ready to Run! (8-12 years)              Mondays 4:30-5:15 pm ($180, 6 weeks)

iMove (7-10 years)                          Mondays 5:30-6:15 pm ($180, 6 weeks)

Sport Prep (11-15 years)                  Mondays 6:30-7:15 pm ($180, 6 weeks)

Obstacle Challenger (8-12 years)    Tuesdays 3:45-4:30 pm ($240, 8 weeks)

Core Stars (8-12 girls)                     Tuesdays 4:45-5:30 pm ($240, 8 weeks)

*Group descriptions below.  Please contact our clinic for more information.


Physiotherapy Group Class Descriptions

Wiggle and Roll (Newborn to 6 months)

This biweekly infant and caregiver class is led by a physiotherapist, and will provide parents and caregivers with information and handling skills, to help support their infant's development in the first six+ months of life.  This class will cover topics including improving head and trunk control, infant massage, how to help prevent torticollis and flattening of the head, and how to encourage your infant to love tummy time!   45 minutes (6 biweekly classes).

On the Move (6-12 months)

This biweekly infant and caregiver class is designed to support youngsters and their parents through the early stages of becoming mobile and much more!  This class is led by a physiotherapist, and will provide opportunities and learning regarding infant development and gross motor skill acquisition, covering topics such as: how to help your child develop independent mobility and ideal motor patterns. Special topics with an occupational therapist in one session will include feeding (transitioning to solids), and how to facilitate fine motor development.  45 minutes (6 biweekly classes).

Modified Sportball (Ages: 3-6 years, 7-12 years)  

A fun and active class where kids will engage in a wide variety of ball sports and physical activities.  The aim of this class is to have fun, while improving strength, coordination, and balance and of course, ball skills!  45 minutes (8 weeks).

iMove (Ages 3-5 years, 7-10 years, 9-12 years)         

This class is designed to get kids moving! Using fun, engaging physical games and activities, this class will help your child build strength and a love for physical play.  The goal of this class is for kids to improve gross motor skills, strength, flexibility, coordination and group skill, and will be customized for each participant’s progress and success!  45 minutes (8 weeks).

Core Stars (8-12 years, Girls)

This girl's class will focus on working to improve posture, alignment and flexibility.  Core strengthening and stretching activities, as well as activities to increase body awareness will be introduced in this calm, engaging and confidence-boosting class. Each class will be customized for each participant’s progress and success!  45 minutes (8 weeks).

Obstacle Challenger (8-14 years)

This class is designed to engage kids in various obstacle courses and games! Participants will receive challenges to try different types of gross motor activities. Each class will be customized for each participant’s progress and success. The goals of this class are for kids to feel comfortable to participate in a group setting, as well as to improve in strength, endurance, balance, and coordination. 45 minutes (8 weeks).

Sport Prep (Ages: 11-15 years)  

This class is designed to help youth improve their control, strength and flexibility for the athletic performance.  This targeted strengthening class will mold to meet the needs of the participants who enroll, and will work to enhance each young athlete's posture, alignment, strength and flexibility for their sport of choice. 45 minutes (8 weeks).

Ready to Run (Ages 8-12)

Join this 4 week class to learn to run safely, efficiently and to have fun! Each class will include a warm-up, skills, strength, and cool down - all specific to running. With the goals of improving fitness, strength, flexibility, and coordination, this class is for everyone! 

Occupational Therapy Group Class Descriptions

iPlay: Sensory Motor Exploration (Ages: 3-5 years)

This class is geared to youngsters who will benefit from increased exposure to sensory and gross motor experiences.  Sensory integration, regulation, coordination, strengthening and FUN are all key components of this class, as children are led through a wide variety of movement and sensory- rich activities.  45 minutes (8 weeks).

Eating Explorations (Ages: 3-5 years)            

This class is designed for picky eaters and for children who have sensory-based feeding challenges. Within a fun, explorative group environment, little ones will be encouraged touch, smell, taste, and even eat new foods, using techniques to a support and engage each child. Run by a registered occupational therapist, this class is designed to help youngsters improve their willingness and comfort in adding new foods to their list of yes's. This class will also provide information and strategies for parents to use with their young ones at home in order to encourage the exploration of new foods. 45 minutes (8 weeks).

Eating Explorers: Overcoming Eating Challenges in Autism (Ages: 6-12 years)

This group is intended for children with Autism and is led by a registered occupational therapist.  The class will involve education for parents and direct treatment intervention for the children, consisting of 8 weekly, one hour small group sessions.  There will be a maximum of 3-4 children in each group.  Parent information will include a specific review of reasons for feeding challenges and how parents can help their children to increase the food variety in their diet.  Each child will require prior assessment to review feeding history and determine suitability and goals for group participation. This class is suitable for children with the following concerns:

•    Limited food repertoire

•    Eats less than 20 foods

•    Difficulty with transition to textured foods

•    Unable to tolerate the sight of new foods

•    Weak oral motor muscles

•    Difficulty tolerating the smell, sight, taste and color of certain foods

1,2,3 Leap! School Skills (Ages: 4-6 years)   

This engaging class is intended for children who are entering into 2014/15 kindergarten, or currently enrolled in kindergarten, to develop a wide range of skills needed for success in the classroom.  This class is run by a registered occupational therapist and is designed to help kids build confidence and skills with fine motor (drawing, writing, cutting) and other school skills.  There will be a maximum of 3-4 children in each group.  Each child will require prior assessment or consultation with an occupational therapist to determine suitability and individual goals for each child’s group participation.  Skills will include:

•    Independence (buttons, zippers, opening and closing containers, putting on shoes, dressing)

•    Pre writing skills and printing skills (pencil grasp, coloring, printing letters)

•    Academics such as letters, numbers, and colors

•    Safe scissor use and cutting skills

•    Listening and organization

•    Fine motor (hand skills for play)

All-Write! Handwriting Classes

All Write! Pre-printing (Ages: 4-6 years)       

This group is intended for those children that are starting to draw shapes and have been exposed to both upper and lower case letters of the alphabet.  The goal is proper formation of letters using the principles of the Handwriting Without Tears Program. Children will also work on developing the muscles of the hand and upper body for proficiency with writing skills as they enter or are exposed to increased writing demands at school. There will be a maximum of 3-4 children in each group. 30 minutes

All Write! ONE (Ages: 7-10 years)                         

This group is a progression from the Pre-Print group. Children in this group do recognize and use upper and lower case letters to form words. These kids are having difficulty with speed, spacing, letter formation, and writing endurance. They are using printing. There will be a maximum of 3-4 children in each group. This class is run by a registered occupational therapist.  30 minutes 

All Write! TWO (Ages: 10-13 years)                         

This group is intended for the older child that has been exposed to handwriting and printing and is using one or a combination of both to complete school work. These kids are having difficulty keeping up with their peers, legibility due to letter formation, spacing and line placement, fatigue due to upper body, arm and hand weakness, and may have decreased confidence in their overall handwriting skills. There will be a maximum of 3-4 children in each group. 


 Registration Information

For information regarding class schedules and registration, please contact us at: