Developing a sense of enjoyment and confidence in physical activity, and ideal movement patterns in the early years is imperative to building healthy habits for life.   Our physiotherapists are here to help children to infants, children and teens to stay active, to reach their goals, and to have fun!

What Can Physiotherapy Help Children to Improve?

  • Infant Motor Skills (rolling, sitting, crawling)
  • Gross Motor Skills (running, jumping, climbing)
  • Strength
  • Flexibility/Range of Motion
  • Balance and Co-ordination
  • Posture and Joint Alignment
  • Motor Planning
  • Cardiovascular Status and Endurance
  • Respiratory Function
  • Confidence in Physical Skills
  • Physical Activity/Sports
  • Sport Performance
  • Pain
  • Injury Prevention
  • Return to Play/Sport After Injury

Physiotherapy Assessment

An initial assessment begins with the collection of a child's full medical history.  We will discuss each child's concerns and goals for therapy.  We will carefully evaluate the how each child is moving. This may include assessment of gross motor skills (sitting, crawling, walking , jumping, etc), coordination, movement quality, range of motion (available movement at each joint), breathing, strength and/or balance. Each assessment will vary depending on the needs, abilities and goals of the individual child.  At the end of the assessment, we will identify specific goals, as well as discuss and explain therapy options. 

An initial assessment usually takes 60 minutes. In some cases however, it is possible that an assessment may span multiple appointments. For information on what to bring for your child's physiotherapy assessment appointment, please see here.

Active Therapy

Based on the findings and identified goals from a child's initial assessment, therapy options and recommendations will be discussed with parents.  A treatment plan with specific goals will be designed with parent involvement and consent.  Each child's treatment and schedule is designed on an individual and will vary, depending on their needs and goals.  We offer a variety of therapy approaches and  techniques to meet the diverse needs of each individual child,  including one-time consultations with home recommendations, as well as regular active therapy.  

Our Therapy Approaches

We are experienced and trained in a variety of pediatric physiotherapy techniques. Based on a child’s specific goals, needs and abilities, we will collaborate with parents to design the most effective treatment plan. Some of these treatment approaches include:

  • Cuevas Medek Exercises (CME)
  • Neurdevelopmental Treatment (NDT)
  • Motor Learning
  • Manual Therapy
  • Specific Muscle Strengthening and/or Stretching
  • Taping and Sport Taping
  • Balance and Coordination Exercises
  • Endurance, Activity and Lifestyle
  • Therapeutic Yoga
  • Parent/Caregiver Education

Of Note: Integration of therapy into a child's (and their family's) life is a key component to maximizing the long- term benefit from therapy.  We value that each child is truly a child, within the context of their family.  So while parents may receive specific home exercises for their child, we also have a strong focus on teaching families various ways to actively integrate a child's therapy into their daily life in fun, effective ways. This may include suggestions for: appropriate community children's programs that will help to support a child's goals; activities for home and/or school; and suggestions to modify or enhance to current activities, in order to build the skills needed for new one

If you have any questions about any of these approaches, other treatment techniques, or how physiotherapy may be helpful for your child, please Contact Us for more information.