Rental Space  

As Leap Therapy for Kids provides multidisciplinary therapy services for infants, children and teens with a wide range of abilities, we are always looking for like minded professionals and consultants to join our space.  Our bright and spacious facility houses private assessment/treatment rooms, an open 1500 square foot gym with a wide array of engaging therapy equipment, private client and staff washrooms, spacious reception area and staff room.  We offer full administrative support, and electronic record management including scheduling, billing and charting.   

We aim to expand our facility and offer Behavioral Consultants, Psychologists, Clinical Councilors, Massage Therapists and Physicians to meet all of our families needs under one roof.

If you have an existing clientele, or are looking to rent space in a thriving existing pediatric setting, then we hope you will contact us for further information on our rental spaces available. 

We offer rental structure based on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly rates, in either a private office, or shared office space within the clinic.

Our family-centered practice values a strong professional team, an evidence-based approach, an engaging experience for kids and families, within a stimulating and rewarding professional environment for our team.